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Mayan cocoa Criollo from Guatemala

The cacao trees of this region are direct "descendants" of the trees before over 3000 years by the Maya have been cultivated and are growing or reproduce since the years before the Spanish invasion in 1524. Less than 5% of the world Cocoa production correspond to the high quality that we have on our MAYA COSMOS create farms. Our plantations are designed as model farms for cocoa cultivation and combine ancient knowledge and the latest techniques.

  • Feel like a Mayan deity. Previously reserved only for rulers, with MAYA KINGDOM you can experience the delights of the ancient Mayan civilization in the comfort of your own home.

We are an Austrian company

Maya Kingdom

gourmet spices

  • Black Chili Gourmet Salt


  • Black Gourmet Salt


  • Habanero Chili 20g - gourmet spice from Austria


  • Bay leaves 3 pieces - gourmet spice from Austria


  • Cayenne Chili 20g - gourmet spice from Austria


  • Hot Lime Chili 20g - gourmet spice from Austria


  • Hot Lemon Chili 20g - gourmet spice from Austria




  • La Primera Emperador 87 - Mayan roasted Coffee


  • La Primera Premium Maragogype 87 - Mayan roasted Coffee


  • La Primera Familia 86 - ORGANIC Mayan roasted Coffee


MAYA Kingdom

dried fruits

  • Maya Cosmos Criollo cocoa beans


  • Maya Cosmos Cacao Ceremony Set


  • Maya Cosmos cocoa Criollo


  • Why it's worth the price

    All products in our stock are mostly or entirely made by hand. This respect for craftsmanship increases the quality of the goods and makes each product unique.

  • Quality instead of quantity

    There is a lot of trickery involved in offering food at a reasonable price. Often ingredients are removed or the buyer's ignorance is exploited. With us you get honest, wholesome goods. It's worth it to you.

  • If you buy cheap, you buy twice

    For cost reasons, mass-produced foods often have deficits in taste - you only get "half" the product. Our specialties offer the full experience. With MAYA KINGDOM you can enjoy longer and more intensely.

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