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Maya Kingdom

Maya Cosmos cocoa Criollo

Maya Cosmos cocoa Criollo

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500g original "Cacao criollo" from our own farm. Enjoy the world's best cocoa of the highest quality.

Whether for drinking or for homemade chocolate - MAYA COSMOS KAKAO is the perfect choice. High-quality Criollo cocoa mass produced to the highest standards.

MAYA COSMOS KAKAO contains all the important ingredients, including healthy fats and cocoa butter. Everything that distinguishes and defines the character of this fruit.

Made with heart and soul - energetic, ceremonial cocoa for the cocoa ceremony at home or with friends.

Grown wild in the rainforests of Guatemala, our cacao is hand-picked, fermented, sun-dried, lightly roasted, and shelled.

The beans are processed and refined in small quantities, which is how our cocoa develops its fine and subtle nuances. All work steps are carried out by local families, descendants of the Maya, in the rainforest in the heart of Guatemala.

Our cocoa is harvested exclusively by hand, our experienced pickers examine each fruit and thus determine which cocoa nibs have reached the perfect time for harvest.

The content of the cocoa fruit is further processed in so-called "sweat boxes".
These boxes have slits for drainage, and are covered with banana leaves. The anaerobic fermentation process begins.

During the fermentation process, the cocoa is turned every two to three days, after which the cocoa is moved to the drying area. The beans are turned several times a day until they are completely dry. This process takes about a week.

In the next step, the beans are lightly roasted at around 120-140 degrees Celsius.
Cocoa only develops its full potential at the right temperature. We give our cocoa the time it needs.

After roasting, the beans are sorted again by hand and other defective beans are removed. A very time-consuming and labor-intensive last step. But necessary to ensure the best quality.

The Criollo cocoa beans are ground and liquefied using special crushing machines. The finished cocoa mass is poured into molds and forms the basis for all types of chocolate and other preparations.


When preparing drinking chocolate, use water instead of milk - the high proportion of healthy fats also makes the cocoa wonderfully creamy.

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