Reach out and take the essences of Maya

Support our mission to preserve the traditions and improve the Quality of life of the local indigenous people communities. The connection of ancient world with modernity. Old one Knowledge combined with new technology. The direct approach of the conscious consumers to local craftsmen and supply with top products. Support our families, communities and social projects through fair trade and the great urge to cultural heritage of our Mayan ancestors, admire, preserve and develop. A large network supports us in this from partners in Guatemala and around the world.

Maya Cosmos - Past, Present, Future

Our journey began in the early 2000s years as a travel agency in Guatemala and Central America. The thought was already always to offer unique experiences and to combine travel with culture. In addition include guided visits to ancient places of worship as well as workshops local communities and trade with their amazing merchandise and products. So we could always support descendants of the Maya and start many social projects for which the Tourism the only way to maintaining traditions.

A decade later, the Developing bigger ideas with which Emergence of a new consciousness and access to high quality Products produced on partner farms and companions - with our MAYA COSMOS CACAO as flagship. So, again some years later, we have our tents in Austria and Europe open and enter with PRIMER LUGAR Professional import company and export of these high quality products of all kinds established.

Handmade goods from Guatemala

In addition to our popular MAYA COSMOS CACAO, this includes the coffee brand LA PRIMERA, roasted from the world-renowned Guatemala coffee beans and many other classic and exotic ones Consumer goods from the countries of the early high culture This is how we ensure quality sure, ensure transparency and not last for fair trade and payment. With our commitment we want excellent handmade goods, original products and the full make taste accessible.

We see this as the only way in future, doing what we love and doing it broaden our horizons and direct support for more and more to offer people.

We are always in constant Development - many new products, designs and projects expand our every season Assortment- a regular visit our online shop with the world's best Cocoa is worth it!