Directly traded organic coffee from Guatemala

From the bush to the bag she lays Coffee bean a long journey back. In the highlands of Guatemala, on steep mountain slopes, our coffee is cultivated year-round, conscientiously and hard by excellent producers. The coffee beans are with great Effortlessly harvested, dried and sorted by hand so that only the best end up in the roaster.

La Primera contains only the highest quality Coffee beans, all of them meet quality criteria. Good taste includes social responsibility and sustainability. We pay our coffee farmers well above the world market price. In addition, some of our roasted coffees have the EU BIO seal certified.

Drum-roasted specialty coffee

is roasted slowly in the drum, always under the watchful eyes of craft professionals. Due to the gentle preparation, the beans have more time to develop their aroma - pleasantly sweet, with notes of fruit or cocoa. With this method, the coffee stays fresh and enjoyable for longer - you can tell that too in the cup.

Do yourself a favor and convince yourself Yourself!

We support local coffee cultivation

Experience the unique taste of specialty drum-roasted coffee and Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala. We source all LA PRIMERA coffee directly from small family businesses, award-winning producers and agricultural cooperatives.

We buy the coffee directly at prices well above the world market price and thus support the local communities and farmers. Convince yourself of the quality of our coffee and order your Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala and drum-roasted specialty coffee today. Fast and safe delivery straight to your doorstep. Order now and enjoy the unique taste of our LA PRIMERA coffees, made with care and dedication.