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Criollo cocoa beans like ours can only be grown in Central America due to the geographic and climatic conditions. Grown wild in the rainforests of Guatemala, our Maya cacao is hand-harvested, fermented, sun-dried, lightly roasted and shelled. The beans are further processed and refined in small batches, which is how our cacao nibs develop their fine and subtle nuances.

In recent years, we have planted many cocoa trees with the aim of creating a plantation that is as regenerative and environmentally friendly as possible. The trees are planted directly from the seeds, of course we use the "cacao criollo" variety - this creates unique Criollo cocoa mass and Criollo cocoa beans.

Noble cocoa, suitable for cocoa ceremonies

We are constantly working to produce the highest quality cocoa possible and to improve our methods. For this we rely on our own plant genetics, our friendly neighboring farms are also involved. In order to preserve biodiversity on our plantations, we plant many other trees such as orange, teak, bananas, etc. to avoid monocultural cultivation and thus to be able to ensure our excellent quality in the long term.

This special care and the heart and soul of our cocoa professionals can be found in every single bean. This is another reason why our energetic cocoa is suitable for every cocoa ceremony.

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All work steps are carried out by local families, descendants of the Maya, in the rainforests in the heart of Guatemala. The income goes directly to the responsible workers. We support local villages and enable people to live their traditional, nature-loving way of life, which is otherwise pushed further and further into the background in our modern world.

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How to prepare cocoa - the original recipe

For 1 serving Dissolve 20-25g of cocoa mass in about 250ml of water. Heat the water to about 60 degrees Celsius. The water should bubble, but not boil. Slowly dissolve the cocoa until the mass is liquid. Stir constantly. Then refine with honey and spices. Cardamom, cinnamon or chili are particularly suitable.