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Maya Kingdom

La Primera Emperador 87 - Mayan roasted Coffee

La Primera Emperador 87 - Mayan roasted Coffee

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Wherever LA PRIMERA is written, only the best is inside

World famous 100% Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala

Drum roasted specialty coffee according to all the rules of the art, from the bean to the coffee bag

  • Fair payment for coffee farmers, far above market value
  • Produced sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Hand-roasted in Austria according to old tradition by master
  • Perfect taste

100% Arabica Single Origin Roasted Coffee, 250g

SCA 87

Specialty coffee, drum roasted

Finca Tierra Santa - holy land - an apt name for a coffee plantation, considering the delicious products that come from there. You could truly speak of the land where coffee and honey flow. Premium coffee beans from Huehuetenango, gently roasted by our experienced roasting master, create a well-rounded overall package with a special longing factor for the mighty mountains of the La Democracia region.


Taste and profile:

Honey, lemon, light acidity, sweet

Particularly suitable for cold preparations such as iced coffee.


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