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La Primera Del Dia 83 - Mayan roasted Coffee

La Primera Del Dia 83 - Mayan roasted Coffee

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Wherever LA PRIMERA is written, only the best is inside

World famous 100% Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala

Drum roasted specialty coffee according to all the rules of the art, from the bean to the coffee bag

  • Fair payment for coffee farmers, far above market value
  • Produced sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Hand-roasted in Austria according to old tradition by master
  • Perfect taste

100% Arabica roasted coffee blend, 250g

SCA 83

Specialty coffee, drum roasted

This blend of highland Arabica combines beans from farmers Carlos Perez and Juan Sosof.
Both produce coffee in a special way, they know how to use nature to their advantage.
Juan swears by the fertile volcanic soil, surrounded by the huge Lake Atitlan;
while Carlos cares for the plants in harmony with the phases of the moon.
This attention to detail unfolds in every bean and ensures the pleasantly mild character of
La Primera Del Dia .

Taste and profile:

Red fruits, black tea, floral, sweet

Suitable for espresso and filter preparation

certified with Rainforest Alliance

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