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Maya Kingdom

La Primera Taza 83 - Mayan roasted coffee

La Primera Taza 83 - Mayan roasted coffee

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Where LA PRIMERA is written on it, only the best is inside

World-renowned 100% Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala

drum-roasted specialty coffee according to all the rules of the art, from the bean to the coffee bag

  • Fair payment for the coffee farmers, well above market value
  • Produced sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Hand-roasted by masters in Austria according to old tradition
  • perfect taste

100% Arabica roast coffee blend, 250g

SCA 83 specialty coffee, drum roasted

This combination of intense aromas, spicy and strong, makes every coffee lover's heart beat faster.
The coffee comes from the La Piragua and Andres Lopez farms,
two plantations that have been family-owned for generations.

La Primera Taza tells the delicious story in her own way.

Flavor and profile:

Vanilla, cocoa, strong, sweet
particularly suitable for espresso preparation

certified with UTZ Kapeh, Rainforest Alliance

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