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Maya Kingdom

La Primera Premium Maragogype 87 - Mayan roasted Coffee

La Primera Premium Maragogype 87 - Mayan roasted Coffee

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Wherever LA PRIMERA is written, only the best is inside

World famous 100% Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala

Drum roasted specialty coffee according to all the rules of the art, from the bean to the coffee bag

  • Fair payment for coffee farmers, far above market value
  • Produced sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Hand-roasted in Austria according to old tradition by master
  • Perfect taste

Limited availability!

100% Arabica roasted coffee pure variety, 250g

Maragogype - extra large beans

SCA 87

Specialty coffee, drum roasted

Cup of Excellence 2019 - Winners

Microlot - harvest, only a few kilograms of this variety were harvested.

Aurelio Villatoro is one of Guatemala’s award-winning coffee farmers.
This coffee, produced specifically for prestige purposes, is the most exclusive part of the already excellent harvest.
Only a few people can drink a cup of it - you are one of them!

Taste and profile:

Cherry, caramel, sweet, creamy body

particularly suitable for filter preparation

certified with UTZ Kapeh, Rainforest Alliance

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