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Maya Kingdom

La Primera Maya Coffee Treasures 6x Premium Coffee

La Primera Maya Coffee Treasures 6x Premium Coffee

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Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala

Can't decide on a type? Just enjoy our complete selection of excellent roasted coffee!

Diverse flavor profiles with regional characteristics take you on a delicious journey through the coffee landscapes of Guatemala. Directly traded organic coffee and many premium varieties for sustainable enjoyment.

Pamper your palate with our complete selection of drum-roasted specialty coffees.

Consisting of:

1x La Primera Emperador 333g

1x La Primera Premium Maragogype 250g

1x La Primera Familia ORGANIC 250g

1x La Primera Hermosa ORGANIC 250g

1x La Primera Cup 250g

With every purchase of our coffee, you not only support sustainable agriculture in Guatemala, but also the local communities that work with dedication and passion to grow it. You help to bring about positive change and preserve the traditions and nature of this unique country.

1x La Primera Del Dia 250g

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