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La Primera Hermosa 85 - ORGANIC Mayan roasted coffee

La Primera Hermosa 85 - ORGANIC Mayan roasted coffee

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Wherever LA PRIMERA is written, only the best is inside

World famous 100% Arabica roasted coffee from Guatemala

Drum roasted specialty coffee according to all the rules of the art, from the bean to the coffee bag

  • Fair payment for coffee farmers, far above market value
  • Produced sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Hand-roasted in Austria according to old tradition by master
  • Perfect taste

Single Origin 100% Arabica Roasted Coffee, 250g

Directly traded organic coffee

SCA 85

Specialty coffee, drum roasted

This single origin coffee from the award-winning Finca La Hermosa was produced with particular care in compliance with all guidelines for sustainable production.
Max Perez Rios has made a name for himself as a coffee producer and is also considered an international coffee expert.
We have him to thank for these delicious beans, whose fine nuances come to the fore in the single origin roasting, and we can enjoy one of the proven best products from Guatemala with a clear conscience.

Cup of Excellence 2020 & 2021 Winners

Taste and profile:

Chamomile, light acidity, sweet

particularly suitable for espresso preparation

certified with Mayacert, DAkkS

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